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Family Snaps Our favorite snapshots of family, friends, scenery, and objects from around home and on trips and vacations. There are many different categories that cover a time period of all of the 20th century and this first part of the 21st.

CoinQuest is an unconventional numismatic web site. Instead of addressing the many facets of coin collecting, CoinQuest focuses on appraising rare and valuable coins, medals, and tokens from around the world. Other sites usually require a priori knowledge of numismatics to do appraisals. CoinQuest gives coin values for those unfamiliar with coin collecting.

Creation God's Way provides a comprehensive comparison of creation and evolution. Several theories about the origin of the universe and the complexities of life are identified and explored. Both sides are treated with equal respect, which is rare on the Internet today. Available as a published book and ebook at Amazon. Illustrations by Monica Minto.

Faith Rhodes Piano Virtuosic, beautiful Christian piano music by Faith Rhodes and her family. Selections include I Surrender All, Our Great Savior, This Little Light of Mine, 10,000 Reasons, I'd Rather Have Jesus, and 7 more.